Couple marks 60th anniversary with special photo shoot by granddaughter

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Credit: Abigail Gingerale Photography

Here's a story you're going to love! A special couple is celebrating a major milestone in their marriage.

George and Ginger Brown’s were married in 1959. Ginger was 18 when she tied the knot, and George was 23.

This year, they're celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary!

The couple lives in South Carolina but they were in town visiting their granddaughter, Abigail Lydick in Monmouth County earlier this month.

Abigail is a photographer and she wanted to help them celebrate with in a special way. So, Abigail helped them recreate their wedding day for an anniversary photo shoot!

She arranged for her grandmother to get a wedding dress and her hair and makeup done.

Also, she made sure her grandfather dressed in a suit and Abigail even arranged for a local florist to provide the floral arrangements.

George and Ginger were very surprised and they absolutely loved how the photos turned out, according to Aigail.