Couple celebrates 77th anniversary

When Vera and John Peterson were pronounced husband and wife in 1939, a loaf of bread cost 8 cents, a gallon of gas cost 10 cents and Nazi Germany was invading Poland.

Seventy-seven years later, the Illinois couple are still married, still in love and still have their wits about them.

Their wedding anniversary was Wednesday, and on Saturday they celebrated with  many of their seven children, 18 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren.

Randall Peterson, 76-years-old and the eldest child, told, “After you celebrate so many of them, you try not to make a big deal out of them.”

But it is a big deal to people outside the family. As word spread that Vera, who is 100, and John, who is 99, were approaching their 77th anniversary, stories began popping up in local media. John will turn 100 in March.