Couple celebrates 75th anniversary

Happy 75th wedding anniversary to Harvey and Evelyn Laborn.  They were married on May 22, 1942.

She's a homemaker and he worked in construction, was a firefighter, and volunteered as a scoutmaster.

So what's their secret for a long, happy marriage?

Evelyn says, "I don't have a recipe.  You can't put it in words, I don't know, you just... one day at a time."

Harvey says they met in a blowing alley.

"She was setting pins and I was setting pins in an adjacent alley. That was in '39," Harvey Laborn says.

The couple lived in Kenmore, Wasington for 71 of the 75 years.  They ahve five kids, ten grandkids, seven great-grandkids and two great-great-grandkids!

"Marriage is a partnership.  And she's a very good partner,"  Harvey Laborn says.