Couple accused of using stolen patient information for pricey purchases

Former Lenox Hill Hospital orderly Kyle Steed, 30, is accused of stealing personal information from patients, passing it along to his wife, Krystle Steed, 30, who then used that information to make pricey purchases for handbags and sneakers, according to investigators.

Steed allegedly lifted the personal information of more than 80 emergency room patients who were very sick, dying or just died.

Steed's wife tried to charge $1M worth of merchandise. She made off with $300K worth of items, according to the court indictment including nearly 50 channel handbags and sneakers.

Most purchases were made online and on the phone.

"Identity thieves will stop at nothing to steal your personal information," said Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. "The conduct charged in this case is morally reprehensible. When a person is admitted to a hospital, the last thing that patient or their family members should be concerned about is whether their identity will be stolen. My Office's Cybercrime and Identity Theft Bureau has a proven track record of successfully prosecuting dozens of insiders for this type of fraud."

Steed's wife allegedly contacted Bank of America and American Express and circumvented their security questions by claiming she was at the hospital and needed access to pay a bill or that she was out shopping with her grandkids and needed the fraud prevention lifted.

She allegedly kept calling until she reached someone who would grant her control of the account.

The couple are each charged with 193 counts of identify theft and fraud.