Countries of the Cup: Estancia 460 restaurant in Tribeca celebrates team Argentina

Stacey Sosa, the owner of Estancia 460 in Tribeca, has been bringing a taste of Argentinian culture to Tribeca since the 90’s.

"Tribeca was a simple neighborhood we saw that there was a need for another restaurant. There weren’t many other Argentine restaurants at the time. We thought it would be nice to bring to the neighborhood and create a family style restaurant," said Sosa.

Argentinian food is typically known for their ‘asados’ knows as their grilled meats. While steak is definitely on the menu there is so much more to this cuisine. 

The food is heavily influenced by both Spanish and Italian culture. 

On their menu you can find a melting pot of food including pizza with chorizo and arugula, their crispy "milanesas", which are lightly breaded chicken breasts, and a hearty steak sandwich with chimichurri sauce.

Don’t forget to try their vast selection of Argentinian wines. The perfect combo to cheer on Team Argentina during the World Cup.