Council members, activists rally to support immigrants

Two New York City Council members who were arrested at a pro-immigrant rally last week are demanding answers from the NYPD over why they were taken into custody. Council Members Jumaane Williams and Ydanis Rodriguez claim they did nothing wrong.

They led a rally Wednesday at Holyrood Episcopal Church in Washington Heights to defend their actions and support immigrant rights. Williams said he will continue to stand up for immigrants' rights leader Ravi Ragbir and against his detention and pending deportation.

Williams said he and Rodriguez were standing up for Ragbir, who was detained after checking in with ice officials downtown. Rodriguez said people have the right to use peaceful civil disobedience.

Inside the church, signs supporting Ragbir were held high as the group of activists and advocates made a promise to push for no more deportation.

The activists also expressed similar support for undocumented Guatemalan immigrant Amanda Morales-Guerra, a single mother fighting deportation. This day marked six months that she has sought sanctuary inside the Episcopal church.

Comptroller Scott Stringer said Morales-Guerra fears being deported to a country she hasn't visited in 14 years.

Those who filled the pews came out in support for immigrants and a fight to keep them safe.