Corrections officer arrested for road rage incident

A New York City corrections officer is under arrest in connection with a Long Island road rage incident.

New York State Police say that it happened Sunday around 8:30 p.m. on the eastbound Southern State Parkway in Hempstead.

Police say that Rashad Hinton, 31, of Uniondale, was operating a 2015 Lexus G35.  He and the driver of a 2006 Honda Civic both got out of their vehicles to argue about a lane merging incident.

Police say that Hinton made statements and moments toward his waist-band showing the other driver he was in possession of a fireman and also produced a badge.

He left the scene prior to state troopers getting there but they found him a short time later.  Troopers arrested him for menacing.

Hinton was later identified as a New York City Corrections Officer and legally possessed the firearm and badge.  Hinton is due to appear in Nassau County First District Court on September 30 for a hearing.