Cops: Man steals a truckload of Little Debbie cakes but doesn't eat any

Why steal a truck filled with cakes, cookies, brownies, donuts, pies, and other sweet snacks if you're not going to bother eating any? Well, apparently just so you can go for a ride to visit some people in town, according to cops in central New York.

Police in Elmira, a small city in the state's Southern Tier, on Monday responded to a call from a supermarket that someone had taken off with a Little Debbie snacks box truck from the loading dock.

Less than half an hour later, officers caught up with the missing truck, which was stopped on the side of a street, and arrested Joseph Tocco, 38, of Elmira.

Tocco allegedly admitted to hopping in the unlocked truck, finding the keys inside, and taking off to go see friends and family, police said.

Looks like Tocco didn't even have the time or the desire to snack on any of the treats in the truck because "it did not readily appear that any of the inventory was missing," Captain Anthony Alvernaz wrote in a press release.

Authorities charged Tocco with possession of stolen property.