Cops: Man killed childhood friend with screwdriver

An Illinois man has been arrested for the murder of his childhood friend after other people in the house allegedly found him asleep next to the body the morning after the attack, authorities said.

Craig Grzesiakowski, 35, is accused of stabbing his longtime friend Jeffrey Ziolo, 35, to death with a screwdriver.

Ziolo reportedly warned others at his house that he had invited a friend who was “a hothead who was known to carry a knife,” Cook County Prosecutor Julian Crozier said.

One of two other friends at the home who had gone to bed by 3 a.m. Thursday told police that he saw Grzesiakowski and Ziolo arguing before going to sleep.

When one of the friends woke at 10:30 a.m. the next day, they found Ziolo dead on the floor and Grzesiakowski passed out near the body with a bottle of bleach, the Chicago Tribune wrote.

Police said Grzesiakowski allegedly told them that after getting into an argument with Ziolo — whom he had known since the third grade — he pushed Ziolo over a table and then stabbed him.