Cops: Girl baked cookies using human ashes, gave to classmates

High school students claim a classmate brought cookies to school laced with her grandmother's ashes.

It happened at Da Vinci Charter Academy High School in the city of Davis.  Students say the girl gave out the cookies and then said that her grandmother was baked into them.

An unidentified mother of a child at the school said, "It blew my mind. I was really repulsed and I was upset that I wasn't even notified." 

Another mother says school administrators questioned her son, fearing he may have eaten one of the cookies.  She says her son was questioned and asked to submit a statement about what happened and sign it.

The student says, "After that he (the principal) told me not to tell anyone." 

The mother says she met with the principal and demanded a copy of the statement but, since the incident, nothing has been said to parents about it.

The principal and district declined interviews with the local TV station but the district did release a statement saying, in part:  "While we cannot comment on confidential student matters, the physical and social-emotional safety of our students is our first priority.  This case has been particularly challenging and we have responded appropriately and in the most respectful and dignified way possible."