Cops catch 'unruly' suspect—a runaway pig—on the interstate

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(Maine State Police)

Cops in Maine facing an "unruly" and "uncooperative" subject this week managed to take him into custody without anyone getting hurt.

"The pig had been reported several times over the past week, but had managed to elude capture," Maine State Police said on Facebook.

Cpl. Rick Moody, Trooper Jeremy Caron, and an animal control officer caught up to the hog near Mile Marker 155 along Interstate 95 on Wednesday, got it off the highway, and loaded it into a trailer.

"He waived the right to remain silent," police said.

Police officers posting about responding to pigs on the loose have to have a good sense of humor, of course.

"I respect cops but there is a cop pig joke somewhere here," one person commented on the Facebook post.

State Police responded: "We didn't want to take the fun out of it by making them for you."