'Cop Romper' could be the latest law enforcement style trend

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With the male romper trend going viral on social media recently, two Southern California deputies decided to create their own version. They're calling it the "Cop Romper."  

The law enforcement duo, who go by Deputy Hook'em and Deputy Book'em, posted an infomercial-style spoof video showing off the Cop Romper on their Facebook and YouTube pages. The hilarious video has since gone viral, with over 2 million views on their Facebook page alone. 

Even local law enforcement agencies took notice. The Tampa Police Department tweeted a link to the video as a friendly jab at their friends at the Pasco Sheriff's Office. 

Deputies Hook'em and Book'em have been making humorous videos for about two years. They post the videos on their Facebook, YouTube and Instagram accounts. 

"The idea behind what we do is not just comedy and entertainment, but we strive to show people that law enforcement officer's are no different than the communities they serve and the people in them. We like to show that we have a sense of humor and are approachable, fun and personable people regardless of how cops are sometimes portrayed," Deputy Hook'em told FOX 13 News.

As for the Cop Romper video, he says they got the idea after seeing the ads for the "RompHim" on Kickstarter. They saw all of the memes and internet posts making jokes about the crazy new fashion idea of the male romper.

"It immediately struck me that we needed to put a police spin on these jokes," Deputy Hook'em said.

That's when the Cop Romper was born.

Unfortunately, anyone who wants to purchase a Cop Romper is out of luck. Deputy Hook'em says the video is purely satirical, and they haven't actually manufactured the product. 

But, Deputy Hook'em says there's still a chance of the Cop Romper becoming a real thing, "This video went way bigger than we planned... so perhaps it will catch on and become a real thing to keep our boys in blue looking cool!"