'Cookies for the Soul' are selling out

If photos of gooey, oozing chocolate isn’t enough to get your mouth watering, mother-daughter duo Naomi and Talia Zar dare you to give their cookies a taste. After all, their company is named "Cookies for the Soul."

"I made these cookies all the time for my friends and every time I posted it on the blog people would message me ‘Can I order them? We need this. We need the recipe,’ so my mom was literally like why don’t you just start a company, why don’t you just sell these," said Talia.

After the positive response she got from her food blog followers, Talia decided to become an entrepreneur in 2018, with mom Naomi by her side. Every week they bake together at the Stony Brook incubator in Calverton, Long Island, a facility that rents space to food and drink start-ups.

"We announce on our Instagram that our cookies will be in stock and live on our website at a certain time and a certain day, and people set reminders, set alarms and when we announce the website is live, they go to our website and place the order and they get it within the week," said Talia.

You can only place an order once a week, when a new batch drops. The only way to find out is through their Instagram page or word of mouth. There are four classic cookies— chocolate chip, sprinkles, Nutella, and cookies and cream.  Plus, every month there are two other special flavors added to the mix.

"Some days it’s very tough, it’s a lot of hard work, it’s a lot of heavy lifting, but it’s all worth it. I’ve always wanted to have my own company, something I call my own, so this is really a dream come true for me," said Naomi.

The next drop will be this Tuesday at 6 p.m. Order quickly, the duo says their 3,000 weekly cookies usually sell out within minutes. You can place the order on their website.

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