Consumer group claims asbestos in makeup sold at Claire's

A consumer group claims it found asbestos in makeup sold at Claire’s and the company has refused to remove the products after being alerted to the issue.  The company denies the claims and says its products are asbestos-free.

The advocacy group U.S. PIRG Education Fund paid to have tests performed on makeup from Claire’s.  Researchers claim that they found asbestos in three products.

The consumer group wants Claire’s to recall those products. However, the company says the group's testing methods are "obsolete and unreliable."

PRIG says the laboratory tests were done by STAT Analysis Corporation, an independent laboratory that is accredited for asbestos testing.  It claims that three "shimmery" makeup products at Claire's contain asbestos, according to test results.

In a statement, Claire’s said that the testing by STAT, relied upon by PIRG, is not accurate saying the test methods that were used are obsolete and unreliable, and STAT is not certified to perform the type of testing necessary for talc-based products.

The statement said, "In contrast, Claire’s has conducted extensive testing and investigation in cooperation with relevant authorities, including the FDA, Health Canada, and a number of EU enforcement agencies, to demonstrate that Claire’s products are asbestos-free and comply with all relevant safety regulations.  Indeed, testing by an independent laboratory of fifteen samples confirms that the products tested by STAT are asbestos-free."

Claire’s had pulled nine makeup products in December 2017 when there was a news report claiming those products could contain asbestos.  The company says its independent testing showed that they were asbestos free.