CONFIRMED: April the giraffe is pregnant - again

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It's confirmed: April the Giraffe is pregnant again, Animal Adventure Park has announced.

The owner of the park, Jordan Patch, announced the big news early Wednesday morning saying April is months into her pregnancy already and is expecting her fifth calf. 


Giraffe caretakers had collected samples and sent them to a lab for progesterone testing and the test came back positive. 

April is due sometime in Spring 2019. 

April made internet fame in 2017 when the world collectively watched and waited for months for her to give birth to baby "Taj," on the park's live stream, with more than a million viewers tuning in to watch the actual birth. 

The park said fans of April will get to follow her pregnancy journey once again on social media. 

More imporantly, Patch says he hopes to continue to increase awareness of the threats giraffes are facing as they're listed as "vulnerable to extinction."  

"April’s prior pregnancy facilitated an immeasurable amount of education and appreciation for giraffes," Patch said. "We’re very proud of our captive management and propagation program and eager to continue doing all we can to help bring this species awareness and tangible results towards conservation.”