Competitive eater medical student devours stack of Whopper burgers in just 17 minutes

A competitive eater based in New Zealand ate 10 Burger King Whopper burgers in just over 17 minutes.

Nela Zisser is a medical student from Auckland, New Zealand. She is also a competitive eater who shares her adventurous food challenges on her YouTube channel, which has over 240,000 subscribers. Her videos have been watched over 31 million times.

Last February, Zisser posted a video of herself eating 10 Burger King Whopper hamburgers as part of her “Girls VS. Food” series.

The challenge takes her just over 17 minutes to finish.

In the video, Zisser admits that the Whopper Burger challenge was harder than she imagined it to be.

“It was a lot of food. I think it’s just the amount of bread, it’s just so much,” the competitive eater said after finishing the meal. But, she still expressed her excitement and satisfaction with completing the feast.

“I love BK, so I was super excited for this challenge,” Zisser wrote in the description of the video. “Only downside was the cost being almost $100, but it was so delicious and I’d definitely do it again.”