Comic book about a Latina superhero

As a child growing up in the South Bronx, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez was able to transport to a new world by simply reading comic books.

"I lived in New York City that was very harsh during the 1970s. There was a lot a lot of arson. I actually survived a building itself that was set on fire," Miranda-Rodriguez said. "These comic books for me were a form of escapism."

Edgardo now writes for Marvel and is the editor-in-chief for DMC comics. Recently he came up with an idea to combine all of his passions. And that's when "La Borinqueña" was born.

"'La Borinqueña' for me was the first opportunity to bring my history as an activist and my present career as graphic novelist and combine them into something that will stand as a symbol for social change and a symbol for inspiration," he said.

Named after Puerto Rico's anthem, "La Borinqueña" is the first and only Latina superhero comic book series. By day La Borinqueña is Marisol, a Columbia University student. Among her foes are climate change and Puerto Rico's debt crisis. Her look is one he hopes all women can identify with.

"She's a woman that's actually shaped full figured. She doesn't have this impossible tiny waist line," Miranda-Rodriguez said. "She's also a woman of color which is under represented in the industry in terms of even her skin complexion and hair texture."

A closer look at the cover art and you'll notice several prominent Puerto Ricans like Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

"La Borinqueña" intends to do what no superhero has done before: become a catalyst for real change.

"The true purpose of this is that: learn from this but this should not at any point be your only source," Miranda-Rodriguez said. "Go beyond this. Read, research and get involved."

The comic will be written in English with splashes of Spanish and will premiere in the fall. All of the comic book proceeds will go towards the National Puerto Rican Day Parade's scholarship fund.