College students watch, discuss Trump inauguration

A handful of students at Adelphi University in Garden City, Long Island, watched closely as Donald Trump was sworn in as president Friday. Policies and political views aside, many of the students had one thing in common. It was their first time voting.

Kelly Hiersche said she wants to get a better understanding of what the president is able to do and how his decisions and the people he appoints affect her life. Bridget Gifford said she is most interested in issues that would directly affect her. She said she will be seeking a job as a teacher, so she wants to know what Trump will do about education.

Adelphi started a voter initiative in 2003 to promote voting. This entire election season, the program has held discussions and viewing parties. Organizers estimate at least 50 percent of students cast their vote.

And even though some sent silly Snapchats on social media, the day marks the start of a new chapter in history.