College student receives care package full of trash from his mom

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Connor Cox received a care package full of trash from his mom. (Photo: Connor Cox/Twitter) 

Typically when college students receive care packages from their parents, they usually get snacks or other items that would come in handy.

One mom has turned into a viral sensation after doing the unthinkable. She sent her son a “care package” full of trash.

18-year-old Connor Cox is currently a student at Westminster College in Pennsylvania, and upon receiving a care package from his mom, he was ecstatic.

He had come back to school after being home for winter break when his mom told him that he should be expecting a package full of food.

“When I saw the package, I was thrilled, and then I opened it…” he told Fox 5 News.

However, after he opened the package, he was shocked to find out the package did not have food. He was sent used tissues, crumpled up post-it notes, an empty soda can, and a Gushers wrapper.

It turns out his mother, Terri, sent him the trash he left in his room that he was supposed to take out.

Though surprised at first, Connor said this prank made sense because his mom has such a good sense of humor and they have a special relationship where they can joke around with each other.

After the incident, Connor tweeted out a picture of his care package, “Thought my mom was sending me a care package… but instead she sent me a box of trash I was supposed to take out.” The picture has since gone viral, which was not what Connor expected.

Despite the prank his mom pulled on him, he said that “she’s the best mom out there.”

Lesson learned – don’t leave your garbage laying around.