College basketball player's trick shots go viral

Larry Moreno, a sophomore guard on the St. Francis Brooklyn Men’s Basketball team, has been dazzling the masses during quarantine with amazing trick shots.

He’s become known as the “Quarantine Legend” and goes by @Larry_Legend32 on Twitter.  

On March 25, Moreno posted a video from the St. Francis gym of him tossing the ball across three-quarters of the court and it bounces right into the basket.

Before he knew it, the video went viral, from the “House of Highlights” site to ESPN as a Top 10 play on Sports Center.     

So with his brother D’Angelo as his cameraman, both guys put on their masks and gloves and go out into their neighborhood to record these shots.  And when Moreno compiled his best shots for a Tik Tok video, like he was playing “H-O-R-S-E”, it got over 6.5 million views!

I spoke with Moreno about how this all started.

"At the beginning of like this whole like quarantine situation and pandemic, there were still some courts that still had their rims up," said Moreno. "And there was a specific one near the BQE I don't really know the name of the park, but it's literally right in front of the BQE. I had made two shots over there that went viral. So it started over there. I made some shots in my neighborhood, I have to make shots only in my neighborhood because … these houses are the only projects that basically have rims up. And it's crazy because that's why I thought it was meant to be because there's no way I'm the only one with rims up, so that's why I'm like, I'm going to just keep going.”

But just after talking to Moreno, he told me the rims in his neighborhood were taken down. Luckily he just filmed two more trick shots and he will be posting them soon.

Fellow Brooklyn native and former NBA Star, Stephon Marbury reached out to Moreno and talks to him now, and even Drake started following Larry on Instagram.   

Moreno is also known as the “Dominican Mamba” because the late Kobe Bryant is his favorite basketball player and Larry is Dominican! So of course, one of his viral videos involves him wearing a Kobe “24” T-shirt.

Follow Moreno and St. Francis Men's Basketball at the following:

Twitter: @Larry_Legend32

Instagram: @lcf_larry

Twitter: @SFBKTerriers 

Instagram: @SFBKTerriers 

Twitter: @sfbkmbb

Instagram: @sfbkmbb


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