Code Blue warning issued during frigid snap

All New Yorkers are urged to call 311 if they see someone sleeping on the streets. An outreach team will bring that person to a shelter. The 'Code Blue' warning was in effect Tuesday after temperatures were in the teens- 20s, but felt more like below 0.

A Code Blue Warning is triggered when temperatures reach 32 degrees or lower and requires shelter access to anyone in need of assistance. During a Code Blue, the Department of Homeless Services and the New York City Police Department focus on clients on their vulnerable lists and work to contact them once every four hours to give them proper assistance. In conjunction, the recently implemented HOME-STAT effort will further the city's outreach to protect homeless individuals from the frigid weather

The extended forecast calls for a slight improvement on Wednesday with flurries possible overnight. Thursday is expected to be sunny with a high around 35.

A snow storm could be headed to the Tristate region on Friday night.