Cocktails at the reborn Chumley's | The Sip

Behind some walls in the West Village lies a piece of New York City history.

Alessandro Borgognone is the owner of Chumley's, a hot spot on Bedford Street that dates back almost a hundred years.

"The history that this establishment had was like no other in the West Village," Borgognone said. "That's the original door from 1922. It's a different color now, but it is the original door."

The door does not have a sign -- just a number, 86.

"That gives it that mystique," Borgognone said. "we enjoy seeing our clients walk by Chumley's and saying 'Where is it?'"

Once inside, they'll find a place that has served as a hangout for famous artists and writers for decades. Their photographs and book covers are featured on the walls.

"I have two favorite pictures. One of them being right in the middle of the dining room, Ernest Hemingway." Borgognone said. "A couple hundred pictures, and that's the one that appealed to me. That's going to go right in the middle of the dining room. Hemingway himself looking down at the dining room."

Borgognone's other favorite photo is of Chumley, the founder.

"And he belongs right on the mantle," he said.

The original Chumley's closed 10 years ago but now it is back with a full menu and creative cocktail list.

Bar manager Jessica Dure showed us one of her favorite creations: The Chimney Sweep, known for its dark color.

"It has white beet, ancho verde, which is a poblano liqueur, sotol, which is a spirit from the desert spoon plant, and mezcal as well. A little bit of agave, lemon," Dure said. "The white beet, which oxidizes and turns sort of blackish. makes a really cool block chimney sweep-looking cocktail."

For something a bit more "summery," try the Mrs. Easy, made with Edinburgh seaside gin, which is distilled with seaweed, arugula grapeseed oil puree, poppy-infused agave, lemon, lime, fragoncello, tarragon liqueur, and aquavit.

And finally, this is Chumley's take on a scotch and soda.

"Some coffee extract, grapefruit juice, Drambuie, Singleton 12 Year, and club soda," Dure said. "We're new hosts in this space, that has had many hosts, and we just hope that we're doing enough to create another memory."

Borgognone said, "I think the most important part is having this legacy live on. And truth of the matter is you're sitting in the piece of New York history."