Coast Guard lieutenant from Maryland who allegedly plotted domestic attacks could be released

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Christopher Hasson

A Montgomery County Coast Guard lieutenant accused of stockpiling weapons and drugs could be out from behind bars before his trial.

Police say Christopher Hasson was stockpiling guns in his Silver Spring home and compiling a hit list against prominent Democrats, two Supreme Court justices, network TV journalists and social media company executives.

Per the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Hasson will not be released today and there is no guarantee he will be released before trial. A spokesperson says the judge stated he considers Hasson’s detention “inappropriate.”

Hasson’s attorney will have to propose conditions of his release and then a judge would have to approve those terms, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. If that happens, the feds will appeal and it would go to a district judge.

Hasson was arrested on Feb. 15 and is awaiting trial. Right now, Hasson remains in jail.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.