Civil rights leaders react to Bratton's departure

New York City civil rights leaders are reacting to Commissioner Bill Bratton's resignation. While they're hopeful for better relations with the NYPD, some skepticism remains.

Not far from 169th and Washington in the Bronx, Assemblyman Michael Blake had a run in w police. The incident is plays into an ongoing conversation about the relationships between police and communities of color.

Most of the people around here look a lot like Blake. And yet what concerns him is that almost none of them are going to be cut slack based off their name or by their status as an elected official when it comes to interactions with the police.

I talked with Blake at the National Action Network, where civil right leaders came to discuss Blake's case, Bratton's resignation, and his replacement. The tone was hopeful but honest.

Back in the Bronx, where Blake has held meetings to bring the community and police together, youngsters can be seen playing ball, hanging out with friends, and racing bikes. Some talk about the frayed relationships they have with the NYPD.

Blake doesn't just represent the area. He is from here. He wants better for himself and for them.