Chiropractor treats zoo's tiger cub for neck problem

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(Courtesy of Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden)

CINCINNATI (AP) - The Cincinnati Zoo says one of three Malayan tiger cubs at its nursery has been treated by a chiropractor.

The zoo says one of the newborn cubs was having trouble holding its head up. A chiropractor determined the cub's top cervical bone was out of alignment. After three adjustments, the cub's neck and spine are back in place.

This is the first time the zoo has used a chiropractor.

The 2-week-old cubs are progressing . Mammals curator Mike Dulaney says they are being fed by nursery staff six times a day and have graduated from 2 to 3 ounces per feeding.

The cubs will stay at the zoo's nursery until they no longer need constant care, which began after the first-time mother's maternal instincts didn't kick in.