Children's clinic doubles as gallery of street art

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From the outside, the space at 135th Street and Broadway could be anything. Inside the loft-like space with its vibrant graffiti in neon colors is a gallery of street art. But this isn't just an art house. It's also a children's health clinic.

The clinic is called Pediatrics 2000. Here and at a second location in Washington Heights, doctors see hundreds of young people each day from infants up to age 21. It's part of a project called All City, the brain child of artist Hugo Martinez and Dr. Juan Tapia Mendoza, a former graffiti guy himself

The graffiti by well-regarded local artists subtly highlights health-related themes. And the open space is like one big playground for the patients. Running around in the waiting room is encouraged. And the setting makes kids more willing to open up to their doctors.

The artists take turns stopping by to show the kids how it's done. The graffiti exhibitions change every few months.

Staff members say that in the future they hope to feature community health issues like childhood obesity, and even the Zika virus.