Chef Gabriele Corcos brings his new show to Facebook

Chef Gabriele Corcos is onto his next project after hosting the Cooking Channel's "Extra Virgin." But you won't find it on TV.

Gabriele and his actress wife Debi Mazar have been cooking together for years. It all started with a blog that turned into a successful show on the Cooking Channel. They also published two hit books.

But this time, the Italian-born cook is letting himself into your home in a different way. His new show isn't on television—it streams live on Facebook. Every Tuesday night at 8 p.m., "Counter Talk Live" streams from his Brooklyn restaurant The Tuscan Gun.

The show is very interactive. Days in advance, Gabriele puts the recipe on Facebook so that folks can shop for the ingredients and cook along with him and the other chefs that night. The February 6 episode was a pizza party.

Food isn't the only thing you'll get to enjoy. Music is also part of the web show. Every week new talent stops by.

Moving forward, the chef hopes to move into the world of virtual reality.