Casino: Woman did not win $8.5 million jackpot

For a brief moment an Oregon woman thought she was a multi-millionaire.  Veronica Castillo played the Jurassic Riches game at Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel in Rochester, Washington.

She thought she won the jackpot when her balance climbed to more than $8.5 million dollars.  But casino staff told her the machine malfunctioned... And she only won about 80 bucks.

The casino issued a long statement on the incident.  Part of the statement claimed:  "The win claimed by Ms. Castillo is not legally or practically possible on the machine."

It went on to say:  "Despite the extraordinary level of testing they receive, the complicated electronics in these systems are not immune to malfunction, though such issues are extremely rare and neither the Lucky Eagle Casino nor Rocket has previously experienced a display malfunction of this magnitude. Because the risk of display malfunction cannot be completely eliminated, as well as to ensure that players have detailed information about the rules of play, the machine offers players a great deal of information in a series of menus including a prize table that shows the prizes associated with each bingo pattern win.  Importantly, the Rules for Playing make clear that: In accordance with federal requirements, malfunctions void all plays and prizes; actual prizes determined by bingo play; other displays are for entertainment only.  The entertaining display has no effect on Game Outcome."

Castillo is getting an attorney.