Cars are being stolen from car washes, police warn

Car wash thefts appear to be the new way to steal cars, according to Mamaroneck police.

Three seperate car washes have been targeted in a series of car thefts.

The incidents happened in Westchester County, in the village of Pelham Manor and Mamaroneck, according to an alert that was sent out by Mamoroneck Police Department.  

The car thefts were reported Monday at 1 p.m., again at 9 p.m. and Tuesday at 3:45 p.m. according to police.

Police say the car thefts were closely coordinated by unknown perpetrators who stole cars directly after they had been cleaned.

Car theft happens within seconds

Police have obtained surveillance video from two of the three incidents, which show exactly how the thieves waited until the very last second, to snatch the cars.

 Surveillance video shows a BMW sitting outside the car wash after it's dried off, a car then pulls up in front, a man hops out, and drives off in the vehicle. 

In all three incidents the police suspect the thieves were watching from across the street and pulled up as soon as the cars were started and unattended. 

 Police say they haven't identified any of the suspects, but they believe that three of the cases could be linked to others in the tri-state. 

Officials are urging the public to stay alert, especially when leaving vehicles unattended.