Car club members ‘rev out racism' after racist landlord captured on camera

Houston-area car club members are rallying around a Crosby man with a plan to "rev out racism. They're organizing the event after the man's landlord called him the "n-word" on camera and a sign went up on the property that read, "cowboys and cowgirls only. No 'n-words'".

Robert Kirkpatrick, who is black, has been renting a home from Ila Irwin, who is white, for a few months on Miller Wilson Road in Crosby. 

Kirkpatrick says he saw the racist sign on the gate next to his home last week, on the gate that leads to a barn where he was renting a stall for his dogs.

Over the weekend he recorded his conversation with Irwin on cell phone video as he confronted her about the sign.

"Oh I like your sign by the way," said Kirkpatrick. "No n***** allowed."

"That's right, you don't belong back there," said Irwin.

Irwin goes on to tell Kirkpatrick he's only allowed into his "hut". When he asks what she means by "hut", Irwin says, "you stupid n*****, you don't understand."​​​​​​

"I don't know what a hut is honestly, other than an India hut," Kirkpatrick says in the video.

Irwin calls him a "butt n*****" and walks away.

Kirkpatrick shared the photos and video on Facebook, and the car community responded asking how they could help. The Facebook event "Revving Out Racism" was created with the plan for car club members to rev their engines past Kirkpatrick's landlady's home as they help him move out Friday.

"A lot of people started messaging and posting about it," said Nathan Doyle, a car club member. "Racism should have ended a long time ago."

"It angers me," said Paul Addesa, an admin of the Slow South Side car club Facebook group. "It makes me sick."

"We're gonna come out here and...make a lot of noise," said Romano Quentin, a car club member.

"Peaceful protest if you will," said Addesa. "Have a bunch of cars out here and show solidarity for Robert."

"Everybody wants to bring boxes," said Kirkpatrick. "Everybody wants to be able to help out and push a broom and sweep and mop."

Meanwhile Irwin is standing by what she said.

"He's acting like one," Irwin told FOX 26 when asked whether she thinks it's right to call someone the n-word. "I'm not sorry."

Irwin says things escalated when she turned his power off due to a breaker issue, and he stopped paying rent.

"I'm not paying rent where there is no power inside the home," said Kirkpatrick.

The sheriff's office will be on standby as car club members prepare to make a statement Friday.

"Peaceful—just keep it peaceful," a sergeant with Harris County Sheriff's Office told Kirkpatrick on a stop by his home Tuesday.

"The big message is: we all bleed the same color," said Doyle. "We all need to come together as a family, or this world is just gonna keep going downhill."

Irwin says she's going to court Wednesday to see about getting Robert evicted.