'Can’t stop our love': 90-year-old couple shares emotional reunion after wife recovers from coronavirus

A 90-year-old woman was recently reunited with her husband of 67 years after the two spent weeks apart due to her testing positive for COVID-19.

Joyce and Don Hoffman were separated for five weeks after she tested positive for the virus in early May. Their assisted living facility in Indianapolis celebrated the couple’s emotional reunion on June 11.

In a video shared by Hoverwood Living, staff lined the hall and cheered as Joyce walks toward her awaiting husband.

“After a month spent apart due to COVID-19, our sweet couple, Joyce & Don had an emotional reunion as Joyce ‘graduated’ from our COVID unit today. We love their love,” Hoverwood Living wrote in a post on Facebook.

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Staff told WTTV-TV that they planned it as a surprise.

“After every resident ‘graduates’ from our COVID unit, all of our staff gather to celebrate and have a parade for them,” Brittany Scheidt with Hooverwood Living told the station. “This celebration was incredibly special because we planned a surprise reunion for Joyce and Don—he didn’t know she was coming back yesterday.”

“I could cry from happiness,” Don, also 90, can be heard saying in the video as they hold hands. “You look so wonderful.”

The staff helped to lift Joyce so they could hug. The couple will celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary on July 13. 

joyce and don 16x9

Joyce and Don Hoffman, both 90, are pictured after their emotional reunion on June 11, 2020. Joyce tested positive for COVID-19 in May and the couple spent five weeks apart. (Photo credit: Hoverwood Living)

Employees also took pictures of the couple holding a sign that reads, “COVID-19 can’t stop our love.”

This story was reported from Cincinnati.