Can rubbing your wrist help you fall asleep faster?

Usually, when a Tik-Tok trend is catching fire -- it usually involves some dance moves, but this latest one is aimed at quite the opposite -- helping you catch some z's.

According to this viral trick by @YoungerYouDoc -- apparently, if you rub the inside of your wrist in a circular motion--you'll fall asleep in just a few minutes.

"There are different pressure points that are connected to different organ systems in the body that help to relax the body," says massage therapist, Michelle Britto. "So the pressure point that's in the wrist when you press that -- it kind of calms the senses throughout the body."

According to Britto, it's referred to as "spirit gate opening" -- in traditional Chinese medicine, it's referred to as the Shen Men and the HT 7 pressure point by acupuncturists  

"It's like a computer when you press a button -- it opens a screen -- it's sending that message to the brain to relax, to calm down, to settle yourself -- it kind of resets the body. People can usually access the wrist a lot easier than some of the other points. So it's not something where it like instantly happens where you just pass out. It's a calming effect. We use it often."