Cameron Monaghan talks about new movie and if he wants to play The Joker on the big screen

Cameron Monaghan… you know him as one of the evilest villains on "Gotham!"  He starred in the latest Star Wars video game... and perhaps most notably as the irreverent Ian Gallagher on "Shameless."

He's a busy actor - just wrapping production on a movie with Morgan Freeman -- and this week Cameron’s latest film: "Shattered" premieres in select theaters and on demand.

It’s a steamy thriller where he plays a multi-millionaire, keeping to himself in his palatial mountainside mansion... that is until he finds an unexpected visitor who might be overstaying their welcome.

We chatted with Cameron about the new film while he’s overseas.

"I just wanted to travel and see a new place. I'm in Madrid. Barcelona's next, you know, obviously we still have a lot of craziness with COVID right now. I'd like to see a lot of the sites that are outdoors… We'll see what's available at the time to be able to do it. But I'm just really loving. I'm loving it over here. So it's a really great trip," he says.

The film, "Shattered" also stars Frank Grillo and John Malkovich, and is packed with unexpected twists.

"It's like it goes places and then it goes further and further, and you keep being surprised by how far it's going with it. It's pretty wild. This character in this movie (Shattered) is living a life of comfort, and he's sort of sequestered himself off in this kind of like a beautiful house out on the top of the mountain, And he's basically living in a golden cage of his own making."

We won’t give away too many surprises but Cameron’s character gets into a Fatal-Attraction-type-situation… and then things go downhill – quickly!

Maybe this love *is* too good to be true!  Let’s shift to one of Cameron’s preview roles -- Jerome Valeska  on Gotham (The Joker without being named in the show).

So would the actor be open to playing the caped crusader’s arch-nemesis on the big screen?

"Yeah, I'd love to. I'd love to do that one day -- assuming that the project is right and it feels like a good fit for me. That being said, I'm happy to go and do another role in the comic book world as well. Strangely, I've always had a dream of one day doing Batman and kind of moving across the aisle. Yeah. So maybe, maybe one day I put on the cowl instead and I put down that clown makeup."

"Shattered" starring Cameron Monaghan is in select theaters and on-demand on January 14th.