Cameras stolen from veterans charity's SUV

Gonzalo Duran is the CEO of nonprofit Devil Dog USA Inc. and a veteran who served eight years in the Marines including one tour in Iraq. He can't believe someone would vandalize and steal thousands of dollars of equipment from a charity organization dedicated to helping homeless veterans.

Duran says he parked on 184th Street and Arthur Avenue at about 4:30 a.m. Monday. When he came back at noon he found the window of his SUV smashed. Three video cameras, a still camera, and a laptop were stolen from the truck. One of cameras stolen was a borrowed studio camera.

Duran has a talk show called "Vet Talk with Sgt. Gonzalo Duran," a platform where veterans can share their stories and organizations can share their resources. Now without the cameras he can't continue his volunteer work.

The veteran was able to replace his window. However he has this message for whoever is responsible: "You have to be pretty low to take from an organization that's helping veterans but also the community."

Duran is asking the person or people who stole the equipment to return it. It can be dropped off at the Devil Dogs office on Washington Avenue. He says he won't press any charges and no questions will asked.