Camera woman trips fleeing migrant

In a 20-second video posted to Twitter by a reporter in Hungary, a camera woman is seen intentionally tripping a fleeing migrant who is carrying a young child. Police are seen closing in on the migrants who were attempting to escape the violence brought on by the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations. The video has gone viral. 

The reporter, Stephan Richter, has been inundated with questions about the photographer. He took to Twitter to respond.

The Guardian news website has identified the camera woman as Petra László of N1TV, the Hungarian nationalist TV network. László reportedly also tripped two children who were trying to escape. According to The Guardian, László was dismissed from her job due to “unacceptable behavior”. 

Hundreds of people have left the town of Roeszke for Budapest. They are only a portion of the thousands in Euorpe fleeing out of fear for their lives.