Calling all knitters: NC rescue group to donate homemade nests to Australia

(Photo by Wayne Taylor/The AGE/Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Can you knit? The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue in Charlotte is searching for anyone who knits or sews to help them donate hundreds of homemade nests to animals that have been injured in Australia's bushfire. 

The North Carolina rescue group received hundreds of homemade nests in 2019 following their plea to aid local baby birds. They're looking for help once again. 

"Hello crafting warriors! If you're like me you are seeing the images that are coming out Australia and they are devastating. It's difficult to be here and be unable to help when so many animals are suffering," the Charlotte rescue wrote. "We were so blessed with all of your efforts during our plea for knitted nests. Now we see that the animals in Australia are asking for your talents again. In some small way, it helps us to be able to contribute." 


The rescue plans to mail several-thousand homemade nests to the animals in Australia. What is needed the most: 

  • Joey pouches M-XXL
  • Carry bag pouches
  • 3D hanging pouches
  • Joey pouches XXS-M
  • bird/rodent nests 
  • bat wraps
  • flat bat wraps
  • blankets
  • possum/bird boxes
  • donations for supplies and postage 

"If you're local you can drop items off at the rescue and we can add them to our packages," Carolina Waterfowl Rescue said. More than $500 has been raised for this effort. 

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