California man finds wife's wedding ring in destroyed home

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The news out of California has been devastating and seeing so many people lose everything has been heartbreaking. But for one California man, who returned to the rubble of where his house once stood, there's a glimmer of hope.

Jake Olson went back to his home in Paradise, California to see what was left after wildfires raged through his community. Sadly, his home was destroyed.

But amazingly, Olson was able to find the one thing his wife asked him to look out for - her wedding ring.

"It's just amazing. I just didn't think we were going to find it, but I had to try," Olson said. "You can't understand it until you're here. Because you just have to...You can't fathom it in your mind.

Olson is a game warden and first responder, so while his home was burning he was working hard to evacuate patients in a retirement home.