Calendar showcases NYPD horses and officers

Police Officer Caitlin Jones stands high above any crowd. She is known as the "10-Foot Cop," and it is all thanks to her buddy.

"This is my partner Admiral—we've been working together since April of last year," she said, introducing her horse. "We can see much further than regular foot cops that are walking around Times Square."

The NYPD Mounted Unit has been around for decades. The New York City Police Foundation, a nonprofit, supports the unit.

"We started supporting the Mounted Unit back in the '70s by buying all the horses for the department for many, many years," foundation CEO Susan Birnbaum said. "Now the city pays for those horses."

The support continues today with the purchase of supplies and equipment, Birnbaum said.

The unit, with approximately 60 horses, is the largest and oldest in North America.

"There is no glass between us and the public—we are very visible," said Deputy Inspector Barry Gelbman, the unit's commanding officer. "The horses are more known than the officers."

"There's a lot of great interaction between him and just people that are walking by, regular New Yorkers, tourists, you name it," Officer Jones said. "Everybody wants to pet the police horse."

They want to pet and take photos with the equine.

Some of the horses are the stars of a new 2018 calendar that is for sale this holiday season. It costs $20, and all proceeds benefit the New York City Police Foundation.

"All the proceeds are going to go to NYPD initiatives that help public safety, that help keep New Yorkers safe," Birnbaum said.

The photos were taken throughout the city, where you often see them working—Times Square, Coney Island, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, and elsewhere.

"It shows everyone what they do in a daily basis—patrol different parts of the city," Deputy Inspector Gelbman said. "And it also gives a little personal aspect of the horse with their personality."

Indeed, Officer Jones said Admiral has a very strong personality and has that "New York drive."

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