Butterball's response to viral 'turkey challenge' prank shocks parents even more

FOX NEWS - Children across the country pulled off heart-stopping pranks ahead of Thanksgiving as they turned to their parents for cooking "advice."

They were participating in a viral prank called the "turkey challenge," which prompts kids to ask their parents whether it's possible to successfully microwave a 25-pound turkey. The "clueless" kids asked how long it would take to cook a turkey in the microwave, noting they didn't want to wait "hours" for it to roast in the oven.

The question drew a variety of responses from confused and concerned elders — the majority agreeing that a turkey doesn't belong in a microwave at all.

But Butterball's response may have been the most surprising of them all. The poultry brand said microwaving a 25-pound turkey is "a little ambitious," but a 12-pound turkey would be "no challenge at all. 

Parents and kids alike were surprised by the news — though many admitted they still would never actually opt to use a microwave over an oven.

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