Businesses consider 3-day weekends after pilot program shows positive results

Would you be willing to spend longer days at work in exchange for fewer days on the clock and longer weekends? 

The results of a recent pilot program in the UK indicate that quite a few workers might be happy to accept such an arrangement.

More than 60 UK-based companies participated in a pilot project in the second half of 2022 that made the 3-day weekends most of us get occasionally for holidays like Labor Day and Memorial Day the new normal.

Feedback from the program led all but 5 companies to continue the pilot and 18 plan to make the move permanent.

New Yorkers FOX 5 NY spoke to said the idea certainly sounds promising.

"When have like 4-day weekends or 3-day weekends it’s just like so much more time to catch up on things and to rest," said Naomi, a student.

Rachel Denearest Gold, a partner at Abrams Fensterman Law Firm, with a background in labor law also sees the pilot as a good thing.

"From a cost savings perspective from a budget perspective, it’s smart. Also, if you’re overlapping 8-hour tour 10 or 12-hour tour, you have fewer gaps," said Gold.

Students who spoke with FOX 5 NY say they hope more industries will consider offering their employees the same deal.