Burn victims sue after cans of Pam cooking spray explode

Pam cooking spray stands on a shelf for sale at the Heinen's grocery store in Bainbridge Twp., Ohio.(AP File Photo/Amy Sancetta)

DETROIT (AP) - Six consumers are suing the maker of Pam cooking spray, saying they were severely burned when cans of the spray exploded.

The plaintiffs' attorney, J. Craig Smith, says some larger containers of Pam and similar cooking sprays made by Conagra have a faulty vent system in the bottom that makes them more prone to explosion.

The larger cans - 10 ounces and above - are generally sold at warehouse stores like Costco as well as Walmart and Amazon. They're often used in restaurants.

Chicago-based Conagra says its cooking sprays are safe when used properly. Warning labels on the cans tell users not to store them near heat or open flame.

Conagra says the venting system was eliminated during a product redesign earlier this year.