Burger King manager receives apology letter after being told to ‘go back to Mexico'

Eustis Burger King General Manager Ricardo Castillo accepted an apology, allegedly from the women who complained he spoke Spanish to one of his employees, leading to a heated argument.

The apology came in the form of a typed letter without a return address.

It begins with “It is with sincere remorsefulness my sister and I write to apologize to you for our very bad behavior at your restaurant. 

The letter continues that their hearts are not filled with hate, prejudice or bigotry and the behavior was out of character for them. 

The letter explains that one of the women lost her husband in the days prior and the pain, paired with anxiety over finances, resulted in the women lashing out. 

The note ends with the women asking for forgiveness and signing: “two old but much wiser ladies.”

“The letter really melted my heart,” Castillo said. “I think they actually recapped what happened and saw what happened with this video going viral and made them realize ‘we messed up.’”

Castillo fully accepts the apology.

“We are all human beings, everybody makes mistakes and corrects them if they can, whether now or later,” Castillo said.

The manger hopes to meet with the women to reconcile face-to-face.

“I’d probably just hug them, it’s more like we became friends after this,” Castillo said.

Castillo has started a GoFundMe account for the women to help with finances. 

He hopes by showing them compassion and understanding, they will continue do the same.