Building wooden surfboards by hand

Going back to basics by building your own surfboard. Brian Schopfer is the owner of Grain Surfboards in Amagansett. He runs wooden board building classes.

The agenda on this day was the foundation of the board; intricacies between the wood many people aren't even aware of.

The class starts at $2,000 and includes all of the supplies. Struth Novogratz isn't much of a surfer but can't put a price on the high expectations he has once he finishes. His cousin Nacho carefully glued the rails. He has found his respect for manual labor.

Handmade wood boards are around 10 percent to 15 percent heavier than foam boards but they're more environmentally friendly, last longer and they have character.

Douglas Forbes is always up for a challenge. He was working on his second board.

Precision and patience will hopefully leave you with a passion for the water.