Bryce Harper helps New Jersey high school student with promposal: 'I wasn't expecting this'

Bryce Harper is used to playing first base for the Philadelphia Phillies, but he recently played wingman for a New Jersey high school student. 

Jake Portello, a senior at Haddonfield Memorial High School, said he simply knocked on Bryce Harper's door and asked if he would help with his promposal. 

"I knocked on his door, he seemed cool with it at first, then he was like ‘can I get your email so we can plan this out?’ and as I was leaving he was like ‘why don’t we do this right now," Jake told The Phantastic Sports Show on Monday night. 

Video of the moment that has since gone viral on social media shows Jake and Bryce at the doorstep of his prom date, Giulia's, house. Bryce takes the lead and asks the starstruck high school student if she will go to prom with Jake. Giulia didn't balk at the offer, and excitedly said ‘yes!’ before hugging both Harper and Jake. 

"I wasn't expecting this, I thought it'd be something cool among my friends and people in my town and stuff," Jake said. "I didn't even expect [Harper] to open the door in the first place."

Haddonfield Memorial High School's senior prom will happen June 14.