Brothers who fought in WWII honored in New Jersey

Two brothers who fought in World War II were honored Thursday in Madison, New Jersey.

The names of Vincent and Leslie Hynes were etched into the bricks along the Military Memorial Pathway in James Park.

The two brothers are in their 90s and served in the Navy.

“I love the town,” said Vincent Hines, a survivor of D-Day. “I cannot tell you how nice the people have been to me. It’s very special”

Vincent was just 19 when he was one of 156,000 troops who landed on the beaches in Normandy.

He was a Navy diver and his primary job was to recover victims in the water.

New Jersey Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill, herself a Navy veteran, was on hand for the ceremony in Madison.

“To be able to honor Leslie and Vincent is really a wonderful experience,” she said.