Brother of SoCal terror suspect says family is shocked

The brother of a man accused of plotting a domestic terror attack in Southern California said that their family is shocked to hear of his arrest.

"This whole thing is surprising to us to all the Domingo family and to our relatives," James Domingo said.

His brother, 26-year-old brother Mark Steven Domingo, was arrested on Friday on terrorism-related charges. 

When the FBI knocked on the family's Reseda door on Saturday with a search warrant, James was there.

"Of course we complied. We were compliant," said the 22-year-old younger brother. "We did not resist. We allowed them in to search the house. They showed us the warrant."


"I never thought my brother would be charged with any of this," James said.

James said he never saw any signs of change after his brother, a former Army infantryman who served in Afghanistan, changed his religion about a year ago to Suni Islam.

When asked about that, he said, "I don't want to assume a thing when someone joins a new religion. If anything I thought it was a good thing. I thought maybe my brother found some sort of guidance in this world."

When asked if his brother needed guidance he paused and then said, "a bit." He wouldn't elaborate. 

When investigators arrived Saturday, he said, they left with several boxes and material as part of their investigation.

A lot of neighbors around the home in Reseda saw the FBI agents. One woman said she went into her house to hide when told by an agent to go to her home. Most of the neighbors said they never knew Mark Domingo and never saw him.

Many were shocked about the allegations.

Neighbor Nataly Lopez said, "Well it scares me I mean I just live up the street... and I have a son.. and what if I'm walking down the street and he goes bezerk?"

Meanwhile, James said he's still struggling with what's happening to his older brother. When asked if he wanted to say something in defense of him he said, "I'll do like any American citizen should and wait for the trial."

Could his brother be guilty of what's being alleged? James said, "My heart says he wouldn't, but I'm a logical person and I will wait for evidence."