Brother-in-law surprises nervous groom in wedding dress

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A future brother-in-law tried to calm a groom's wedding day jitters with some humor. 

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Valentin and Heidi Zherelyev are now husband and wife in Tuscon, Arizona, and Heidi's brother is now being called the comic-in-law after a stunt he pulled on Valentin. 

Valentin was super stressed on his June 30 wedding day, and Heidi thought he needed something to relieve the pressure. That's where Heidi's brother, Eric Dodd, came into the picture. 

As Valentin anticipated what his bride-to-be was going to look like in the gown during their first look, Eric showed up to break the ice, dressed up in an old wedding gown, which belonged to Heidi's friend, Chelsea. 

The stunt worked like a charm, with Valentin breaking out in laughter when he saw Eric, and the emotions were let loose. 

Their hilarious story went viral after wedding photographer Nichole Cline shared pictures on Facebook. Cline said her eyes watered with laughter as she took the shots. 

Photos courtesy of KevinChole Photography