Brooklyn: Not just a borough anymore

Once-gritty Brooklyn has undergone a transformation. Now, mentioning the borough's name conjures up images of hipsters with beards, having a craft beverage and buying something "artisanal." But Brooklyn nowadays is more than this new stereotype. Brooklyn isn't just one of the 5 boroughs anymore, it's now a destination.

Neighborhoods like trendy Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights and Greenpoint, along with Coney Island, Barclays and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden are drawing people from all over the world.

There is so much to see and do in Brooklyn that 'Fodor's Travel' now has a guidebook that is just about Brooklyn

And did you know, that if Brooklyn was not a part of New York City, Brooklyn would be the fourth largest city in the country.

Brooklyn is a borough that's filled with dozens of neighborhoods, over 50 cuisines, hip nightlife, fashion.... Architecture, and, yes, tranquility.

Felipe Lavalle gives bike tours through Brooklyn lasting between and 3 and 5 hours. He started his business 3-years ago.

“Business is booming.... Brooklyn has gotten super popular” Lavalle said. “We're averaging about 10 tours per week, private and public tours.”

We asked one tourist how she felt about Brooklyn and she replied, in one word “amazing!”