Brooklyn honors Puerto Rico storm responders

Brooklynites from different backgrounds and pursing different dreams shared one common goal: the recognition of their service to the people of Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Residents stepped up the plate in a big way. Sofia Chang is a hip-hop heavyweight who is managing the careers of some of Brooklyn's best known rappers. She rallied the music community to give back to Puerto Rico in its time of need.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams praised Chang's efforts to bring 160 boxes of essential supplies to storm victims on the island.

Eric Gibson, a man of Puerto Rican descent, took a different but equally impactful approach. This Parks Department climber and pruner used his skills to prune or remove downed trees that were blocking access to emergency crews looking to help hurricane victims. He worked 11 hours per day for 11 days straight on the island.

Hector Gonzalez is the executive vice president of Just Three Incorporated. He also hails from the island. Since Maria hit, he has made three humanitarian missions totaling more than 27 days.

And lastly, four teachers from around Brooklyn live by example. They showed the importance of a helping hand with a massive drive to donate many of the essentials needed in the storm's wake.

More than four months after the storm hit, more than a thousand generators are still in use. Electricity won't fully be restored before may.

FEMA is still working with residents but even those staffers are overwhelmed.

Many residents have left Puerto Rico in a mass exodus. The concern is that many of them will not come back.