Brooklyn eco-friendly ice cream truck proposal gets mixed reaction

The familiar jingle of ice cream trucks has long been associated with the joys of summer, but for some New Yorkers – the charm is wearing thin. 

Dumbo, Brooklyn is one area where residents said they are fed up with the idling ice cream trucks that not only produce noise, but also contribute to air pollution.

"I think it would be a great step forward to have something that didn't have the fumes and was silent," said Dumbo local Mike Bollo.

Responding to the growing dissatisfaction of residents, certain members of the city council are now proposing a solution to curb the issue of idling ice cream trucks equipped with loud generators.

Proposal from Lincoln Restler

Brooklyn City Council member Lincoln Restler has taken the initiative to introduce a potential remedy. 

Restler's proposal advocates for a mandatory shift from fuel and diesel-powered ice cream trucks to more environmentally friendly alternatives such as electric or solar generators.

Restler believes the proposal is not only timely, but necessary – acknowledging the growing chorus of complaints his office has been receiving regarding noise pollution and environmental degradation caused by ice cream trucks. 

The issue is compounded by concerns about the vehicles parking illegally.

However, some ice cream truck owners raise concerns about the feasibility of such a transition.

While the shift to electric or solar generators is viewed as a positive step toward reducing pollution, some operators fear the associated costs might threaten their livelihoods.

However, Eddie Cumart said, in the long run, converting his trucks will save him money on fuel. 

"I already convert eight of my trucks and I will convert another 30," Cumart said. 

The proposal to make ice cream trucks switch to eco-friendly power sources is just that, a proposal. But, the idea will eventually expand to include all food trucks.